About Elcomponics Aerob Technologies

EL Aerob is one of the leading startup for developing Professional Grade RPA/Drone Solutions for Armed Forces, State Police, Logistics , Mapping; Surveying, and Agriculture Purposes.Recently incorporated the Counter Drone portfolio for Armed Forces. ElAerob specializes in providing UAV Platforms to Defence, Paramilitary and State Police Forces with best-in-class performance in the required situations.

We do believe in innovation and constantly setting world-class technology benchmarks with our continuous efforts on innovative designs and optimization of the hardware to deliver the best-in-class products by interacting with world players in the field of manufacturing Drones and Anti Drone Systems. We aim to provide the latest state-of-the-art technology and develop the manufacturing capabilities under ‘Make in India’ to build a complete UAV ecosystem and revolutionize the Drone industry in India.

Pioneering Drone Productions in India