About : Ai see

Neuromorphic Aerial Threats Detection System

Ai See is a novel patent pending and disruptive aerial threat passive detection system bringing an entirely new breed and cost-effective detection capabilities into the market. Our cutting-edge neuromorphic vision system uses specially designed and customise asynchronous image sensors that replicates the benefit of biological retails especially when tracking fast-moving objects.
The Ai See non emitting properties event besed camera system work radically different from any other camera on the market (VIS,IR, or thermal) it sense the changes in dynamic Scene at the sensor pixel level rather than on a Fixed frame per second (FPS) that has no relations to the viewed Scene.
Combined with our advance priority AI and MV algorithms the Ai See is uniquely designed like an optical radar to detect, track and recognise hard-to-see moving objects such as drones, artillery, rockets, mortars, aircraft and even speeding bullets.
This unique technological innovation pose a paradigm shift in the way how visual information is acquired.

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