Flare SUAG

About: Flare SUAG

Current Parachute illuminating rounds suffer from several limitations such as short burning time and uncontrol positional accuracy affected by weather which may cause a fire on landing. SUGA-Flair is the next-generation smart illumination solution designed to light up a large area in any environmental condition it can be used as a single or in a sperm formation to cover up large areas.

The Flair can be used for border protection search and rescue and military applications when needed to illuminate a combat Zone or blind enemy line by initiating a powerful and synchronise disturbing strobe that can also disable the night vision system entirely.

The Flair is portable, Foldable, low noise and easily operated with a tablet. it can hold a position or Move along with the ground forces while keeping a flying formation.


Illumination Power: 40000 lumens
Endurance: 10Min with illuminaton active Modes: Low/mid/high, strobe, heartbeat, customized
Payloads: Swappable payload (visible, IR, smoke, more)
Controller: andriod tablet Communication Frequency: 2.4 GHz- 2.5 GHz

Communication Protocal: Encrypeted, Mesh network
Range: +10 KM
Max Swarm: 10 Flares
Size Folded: 200mm X85mm X85mm 

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