Elcomponics Group has been an industry leader in wiring, harness, transformers, solar and organic products. Established in 1988, the 31 year old group has established its stronghold in joint ventures and partnerships with international partners and producing export quality products with world class infrastructure. The group has been a leading component manufacturer for Appliance, Automotive Electronics and Power Backup Industries. Elcomponics has eight manufacturing plants in India located at Noida, Bangalore and Chennai which are synonymous with excellence and expertise in the electrical industry.

Why Choose Us

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Ready-to-Move-in Infrastructure

Located in C-61, Sector 80, Phase II, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India the building is infrastructure ready for starting up a manufacturing unit. Spread across 5 floors and 1, 00,000 sq. ft. area, it has the ability to start production and setting up a unit in no time. The place is perfect for a Make in India initiative of the Central Government of India and also be a part of the opportunities of the proposed Defense Corridor in Uttar Pradesh and TamilNadu. As India is focused on boosting the manufacturing setup in the next 10 years, it’s the right time to utilize the opportunity to invest and reap the benefits


Experience and Expertise

Elcomponics has been in existence since 31 years and a leading component manufacturer for Appliance, Automotive Electronics and Power Backup Industries. Give their proven experience in management and production, the El Group prides in its delivery and quality commitment and excellence.  Currently, they have eight manufacturing plants in India located at Noida and Chennai

Labor and Material Advantage

With good Engineering Institutions around, the technical skills and expertise of Noida is at one of the best in the Manufacturing Corridors of India. Added to the benefits of cost, and as a young nation, El Group is correctly poised with scale and technical excellence. It has the ability of taking up complex manufacturing. Being already established as a manufacturing hub, materials accessibility and transportation is streamlined in the ecosystem.

Government Support – The Market

With the help of Make in India drive, India is on the path of becoming the hub for hi-tech manufacturing as global giants such as GE, Siemens, HTC, Toshiba, and Boeing have either set up or are in process of setting up manufacturing plants in India or have partnered with manufacturers in India, attracted by India’s market of more than a billion consumers and increasing purchasing power.Cumulative Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India’s manufacturing sector reached US$ 76.82 billion during April 2000-June 2018 

The manufacturing sector of India has the potential to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025 and India is expected to rank amongst the top three growth economies and manufacturing destination of the world by the year 2020. The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will make India a common market with a GDP of US$ 2.5 trillion along with a population of 1.32 billion people, which will be a big draw for investors. Reference; https://www.ibef.org/industry/manufacturing-sector-india.aspx

Defense Market Opportunity

The Indian Defense market which is touted to be a 2.5 Bn$, is an opportunity that El Aerob is seeking into in collaboration and Joint ventures with International partners with all licenses for starting production.The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, approved the “Strategic Partnership” model which will enable private companies to tie up with foreign players for manufacturing submarines, fighter jets, helicopters and armoured vehicles.

Reference: https://www.ibef.org/industry/manufacturing-sector-india.aspx