i) High and Medium Altitude Surveillance

ii) Kamikaze format

iii) Inspection and Surveying for Civil Application

iv) Post Calamity Inspection in Hilly Terrain

v) Deep Sea operations aided by Ships

User Directorate: Army Air Defence Directorate / Indian Armed Forces

Current Status :

# Successful Flight Evaluation Trial at Gopalpur, Odisha in both Day and Night condition over Bay of Bengal

# Successful Flight Trial at 4200m AMSL and 200m AGL at Ladakh region.

Key Specification:

  • VTOL Capability & Launch – fixed wing
  • Cruising Speed (with payload): 25-30 m/s
  • Max Speed : 55m/s
  • Min Flight Time at cruise speed: 60 Min
  • Max Take Off Weight (MTOW): 14 Kg
  • Flight Attitude: Max 500m AGL