i) Medium and Low Altitude Surveillance

ii) Inspection and Surveying for Civil Application

iii) Post Calamity Inspection in Hilly Terrain

iv) Deep Sea operations aided by Ships

User Directorate: Indian Defence Forces/ Civil Application/ State Police/ BSF/ Industries

Current Status:

# Successful Flight Evaluation done at extreme conditions of Suratgarh Rajasthan and Ladakh.

# Tested at various locations of Noida and Haryana

Key Specification:

  • VTOL Capability & Launch – fixed wing
  • Cruising Speed (with payload): 25-35 m/s
  • Max Speed : 45m/s
  • Range: Up to 20km one way
  • Min Flight Time at cruise speed: 60 Min
  • Max Take Off Weight (MTOW): 16 Kg
  • Flight Attitude: Max 500m AGL